18 December 2017

more leaves

I've added more leaf litter to my tanks. They all got a few of the catappa (IAL), guava and jackfruit leaves a few weeks ago. This past week I put in collected oak leaves from my yard. Going by the shape, I think I have pin oak and white oak. I boiled them ten minutes, let steep another five in the hot water, then soaked a day in dechlorinated water with carbon.
I like to put them under crypts in the main tank- the stems kind of keep them from drifting around.
Can you see the kuhli in there?
It's Tiger.
The kuhlis really like leaf litter. I don't pull the leaves out immediately when they start to "spiderweb". I leave them in until just a bit of decaying stem is left. Because it's kind of cool to see the forms of kuhlis sliding under the screen of webbing made by the broken-down leaf.

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