14 December 2017

bolbitis into the window tank

Couple of weeks ago I noticed that while java ferns are dying off in my window tank (I put pieces of the 'trident' one into main tank to float- see if the baby plants will grow out there), the bolbitis rhizome I tied to a piece of wood is sprouting new fiddleheads. Slow, but it's growing!
So when I moved some plants around in my main tank recently, I clipped some of the new shoots that were growing off the main rhizomes. Their root hairs already clinging to some substrate.
I haven't tied these down in the window tank, but kind of wedged them on top of driftwood pieces where the sticks cross each other. I can't tell if they've taken hold yet, or if any new fronds are emerging, but they're still green, no die-off.

So even if all the java ferns disappear in here- windelov is slowly but surely loosing its larger fronds- it looks like the tank will still support subwassertang, vallisneria, crypt retrospiralis, hornwort and some anubias. Not too bad, for no ferts, no heat...

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