14 November 2017

it froze outside

so serious cleanup time in the garden (more on that later) and I half-emptied my little container pond on the deck.
I don't like to just throw away healthy plants, but I am reluctant to put these in an aquarium... so to enjoy their greenery for a while I tethered all the hornwort stems to stones and put in a filled vase. Here's a few more pics of that:
from another angle the light is very different:
I trimmed dying outer leaves off the water lettuce and put them in a separate vase with handful of substrate. Water lettuce is not happy. Leaf edges turning crispy- from cold or lack of light or shock of moving to a new situation I don't know. I don't expect it to be pretty- if it could just limp through the winter I'll give it a new start in spring... but I expect these will probably die and I'll just replace in March.

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