25 October 2017


Didn't do so great for me, overall this year. I have started cleaning up the spent vines. Still trimming off diseased-looking leaves, so its all barren like this:
I picked all the tomatoes that had a hint of color change, and have them in windowsills to finish ripening.
Ate these two yesterday, topping some pasta with basil pesto (not mine- of all the herbs only basil failed me, I hardly got any this season).
The few cherry tomatoes left will top a pizza later this week, then that's it for those plants too. Pulling up some of the tomato cages they were so stuck in the ground I busted a few. The rings broke right off the uprights where it was welded.

This one cherry tomato really went wild. Its vine grew all the way up the downspout. I have to get on a ladder to trim the top of that euonymus shrub, its way over my head. I'm short, but still. I think that vine climbed eight feet!

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