24 October 2017

new plants

for my birthday last week- my daughter gave me some herbs from one of my favorite local nurseries- lemon verbena (going to try some tea).
and tarragon
I've already cooked eggs with the tarragon- that's a flavor I haven't had in years, since my last pot of it died. It's nice to have it around again.
I was at the big box home improvement store for something the other and walked through the outdoor section- they were cleaning up pots of plants to throw away, so I got a few at half price. A light purple chrysanthemum, and this dusky darker pink one.
Its hue looks nice next to my lime-and-orange coleus. Turns out I should be happily surprised I had three out of five mums grow back this spring, instead of disappointed! they're sold as annuals. I'd sure be happy if I could get this dusky pink one to survive the winter- it was the only one of this hue at the store. It looks too perfect right now, all compact and dense with flowers- compared to my survivors from last year which are loose and lean over- more pics coming up.

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