07 August 2017

tank stand- almost done!

Finished staining. Last few layers I wiped on with cloth trying to get it more evenly applied. Not so good at that- there are drips and thicker spots. I sanded off some of the glops, and then rubbed more stain over it but now the color's uneven- especially on the bottom edge.Well, hopefully people look more at the tank and its occupants than the flaws on the stand! I attached the shelf-
And hung the doors. It still has fumes, so sits outside to gas off during the day. Now it's raining so I put it back in the garage.
I messed up with the doors. Pleased that they fit where I wanted, and didn't get too warped from the layers of stain and polyurethane. But... I used wood too thin. The screws for the hinges go right through and then into the posts. I tried using shorter screws, thinking I can just paint them black to match. Hinges don't quite fit around the corner though, they strain and now it won't shut properly. Gah. I could live with it- or find another way to attach the doors...

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