10 August 2017


The other day I found these large, speckled mushrooms under my cherry tomatoes. They sprang up after a rain, and I'd recently put grass clippings on as mulch. Not sure if their appearance signifies anything amiss for my tomatoes? (Some have been dropping before they ripen- there's a row of tomatoes in my kitchen windowsill to get red which is odd as usually I do that in the fall)
The smaller mushrooms are round, but the big ones have odd shapes with straight edges as if sheared off. Perhaps something broke them- a deer has been in my yard- I found a pile of droppings last week. I didn't notice any damage- expected it would eat the hostas if anything, or my vegetable garden...
No idea what kind they are. Maybe I should get a mushroom identification book, since I find such interesting ones now and again.

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