11 August 2017


They are done with the treatment of General Cure. None are flashing anymore (which was amusing to see -if you didn't know the cause- looks like they are trying to do barrel rolls across the substrate- but scratching in attempt to rid of parasites is my guess). They are actively eating better- I see them nibble down the food- but still look skinny to me.

This is the healthiest-looking one- but even it does not look quite right to me. Interestingly enough it has quit cruising the glass now.
The rest of them:
They've been eating shrimp pellets, Hikari sinking catfish wafers, live mosquito larvae, green peas and Omega One spirulina wafers. I offer them soaked betta pellets and NLS pellets too, but can't tell if they are eating that- don't seem as interested. I used to regularly put a pinch of flake in the tank for the swordtail, but he's gone so now it's just one flake per day- I crumble it up for the baby cherry barb. There's probably still a bit left that the cories get- the fry can't handle the bigger bits. But they never seem to care about flake either. Their favorite is the shrimp pellets- I put in a few in each evening for them, and in the mornings alternate the other foods.

This was Fabio. He rests under the hydrangea now.
I put him to sleep with clove oil. I hope he had a nice end of his years, but for the past few weeks has just looked so miserable, I had no real hope for his recovery and could not watch him suffer more. He went peacefully- did not struggle like Oliver had under the sedation but just rolled over onto his side and when I dosed more clove oil, quit breathing like that. The end.

Now I am trying to get my cories healthy. I thought it was gill flukes but so many times feel like I'm shooting in the dark, guessing what a fish has to target treatment. I am not sure if I should wait a week and see if they start to look better and put on weight, or do a treatment of levamisole right away in case they have some internal parasite.

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