07 August 2017

another new thing

on my window tank the other day- I redid the lid. Had to because with the other filter gone, there's nothing to support the two short strips of plastic that held the plants. Cut up my scraps of lexan. One strip two inches wide goes all across the back of the tank, I drilled holes for the pothos and sweet potato stems. It's got a hole for the filter airline too. Intend for that piece to remain stationary.
Plants waiting in a bin. They sure look healthy! Sweet potato grows roots a lot faster than pothos, nice white ones I bet I will have to trim them regularly after they are established.
I put a straight piece of coathanger wire (temporarily) across the center to support it, like on my betta tank. But there are no sliding channels- I just lift off the panes when I need to open the top.
The last piece I had wasn't long enough to span the tank. So I cut two short pieces that kind of overlap in the front. It's makeshift, but still much nicer looking than what I had before.

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