09 August 2017


Day two of general cure treatment. The cories and swordtail have more appetite, but some of the smaller cories sit around breathing hard, and Fabio is back to hanging out at the surface near the filter outflow again. The medication lowers oxygen content in the water. I don't have another air pump- both my spares are running this filter until I can get a larger one to do the job solo. But I do have lots of airline, splitters, connectors and flow control valves.
I added an airstone to the tank, opposite side of the filter to provide more circulation and oxygen in the tank. Used a splitter so one of the air pumps is supplying both the filter box and the airstone. At first this diverted too much to the airstone, there wasn't enough flow on the other side to power the filter box. I put a control valve on the line that goes to the airstone to constrict it, and fiddled with it until there was decent flow to both. I can't tell if Fabio feels any relief, but the cories look more at ease and the smallest one isn't darting frequently to the surface anymore.
Oh and here's the box filter- about half bio-media, half sponges and poly.

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