09 July 2017

one down

Of my three new tetras. It happened while Samblu was in the bin while his tank recovered its cycle. I noticed one day a tetra seemed to have white on its mouth, but it was hard to see it well. Next day saw that it definitely looked like it had fungus or some disease- mouth and top of the head all white, it was hanging near the top of the tank breathing hard. I hurriedly set up a five-gallon tote with sponge filter half tank water, half new but when I went back to catch the fish (which was far too easy) it looked really bad. Parts of the eyes had white film over them and they bugged out, under the gills inflamed red, struggling for equilibrium and rolling upside down. I caught it gently as I could and moved into the emergency hospital bin, but it couldn't right itself and died right there. I hate seeing fish die. It seemed to happen so fast. Buried under the forsythia.

Keeping an eye on the others- smallest one has kind of ragged fins, it probably gets picked on a bit. Surprisingly they seem more confident, even with numbers down to seven again (maybe once again, the sick fish had made the others feel uneasy). Next morning when I walked by the tank, six of them were right out front, didn't even wait for the signal of me lifting the lid or tapping. I wanted to give them some fresh greens but all the lettuce and dandelions are bitter now. So I blanched and minced up a bit of celery leaf. Surprised how well they all liked it. Kuhlis, cories and Fabio in the window tank, all ate. It was hilarious to see the shrimps grab pieces of celery and walk off with it, I saw an Amano holding one piece while eating another.

A bit surprised that nitrates were still higher in the tank on cleaning day, at 40ppm. Plants look good though. Is it because I took out so much hornwort and the watersprite last week? Because a fish was ill, or have I lost a snail. I can only see two of my three nerites.

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