06 July 2017

new fish!

I stopped by the local pet store and what do you know, the tanks all looked clean and the fishes healthy. They had new peppered cories and a large group of serape tetras. So I got some. Two pepper cories for my window tank, and three serape tetras to add to my school in the main.
The two new cories are bigger than my original three- one large enough I think it might be full-grown. I have blocked the sides of the tank with hand towels to keep it nice and dark for low stress for a day, and fed a pinch of flake right when letting the new fishes go out of the net into the tank. Nobody had clamped fins or went pale, they all started scouting around busy on the bottom for food.
Serpaes also look good. I wanted particular ones out of the store tank, because many in there had torn fins, dorsals half ripped off, color washed out from stress. I could tell the employee (she said she was new) was really doubtful about catching the particular individual fish I wanted out of a darting, frantic school of twenty, so I very nicely asked if I could catch them myself, and she was relieved to let me! With some patience I got the trio I'd had my eye on, pleased.
They also didn't seem stressed while floating in the bag, just eager to get into the tank with the other serpaes who came over to check them out. When released into the tank dashed around getting acquainted with the resident school while the kuhlis below scrambled around after the food I'd dropped in.
I also got a blue ramshorn snail. I know I didn't like baby ramshorns all over my tenner, but this one I plan to put in the main. However first it went into the window tank, so I can observe and see if it lays eggs. I figure egg packets or baby snails will be easier to pick out of there, since the planting isn't dense.

I'd never seen a blue one in person before; I think it's really striking.

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