26 July 2017

fishies update

My cories seem to be fine now. The one that was listless perked up after a partial wc, and when I dropped sinking food in the tank at night. I think sap was seeping out of newly-cut pothos stems and affected the little fish.. I'm also adding a few cuttings of sweet potato vine, but have these in a jar of water changing out for a few days, to make sure the cut is healed before I add them to the back of the tank.
I am certain this baby fish is a cherry barb. If a tetra it's just three weeks old, if a cherry barb it must be near two months now!
Got slightly better photos using my daughter's phone. Disappointed it's not the fish I thought I was raising. I'm letting it go in the tank to take its chances. If it survives until temps drop in the fall, I'll move it into the main tank and see what happens....
On another note, I can't believe this, but I seem to have misplace my 'sun thorn' nerite snail. It was in the betta tank. When I did that deep-substrate cleaning, I had the snail and the fish out of the tank in a bin for a day. I replaced the hardscape, plants and fish, cleaned out the bin, rinsed off the plastic plants, stored everything. Only days later realized looking in the tank, that I hadn't put the snail back! Where is it? Possibilities: it is in the tenner, or in my window tank (I moved a stone with windelov fern to that tank) and I just haven't seen it yet. Or it is in one of those tanks but was on the underside of a piece of harscape I placed, and I smothered it. Or it crawled out of the bin and is somewhere on my floor (but there's no stink). I can't think what else might have happened.

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