10 June 2017

they will flower (or already did)

I forgot I had this plant. I almost pulled it earlier this spring, thinking it was a weed.
It's the dahlia!
Columbine is done- but the seed heads are so interesting. I keep meaning to go out and cut them, to save and replant where I want another year...
It's also got those squiggly lines like the joe pye weed- I think leaf-miner bug is the cause- another pest ugh
Monarda (bee balm) has become a thicket
and is just starting to bloom
The black-eyed susans I transplanted are all growing up
Next to them, echinacea already budding- here with early morning light on their heads
I finally planted out my tender echinacea babies from the coldframe.
So small- even compared to one of the smaller of the established plants-
and here you can see how small among the bigger ones!
Sweet peas are a big tangled clump on the sunnier sideyard- but finally doing something- I think flowers are coming!
The gladiolas look larger, more robust than last year- although a few seem to have got overwhelmed by the sweet pea vines. I have a new clue to the identity of one of my unknown houseplants- this one- its flat spray of leaves looks so much like the gladiolas. Just realized that this week.
I almost missed the daylilies blooming- in terms of photos- have been admiring them as I come and go. Buds just the week before last-
Flowers came quickly behind, and are already fading now. I got this hasty photo, but really they were nice.

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