09 June 2017


I don't know if I mentioned that a while back I got two new shrimps, to replace the ones that died... They look really different: much paler, with red speckles on the sides.
This one likes to hangs out in the floating watersprite and hornwort.
Here's a shed exoskeleton. I just found out via the forum that my older group of shrimps are Malaya shrimp, and these are Amanos. The Malaya shrimp change colors, get up to three inches, their larva can grow in freshwater, and they only live two years. I think the Amanos have longer lifespans. And Malaya shrimp are still relatively uncommon- so I probably got them by chance, if the pet store didn't know what they had and offered them as amanos (suggested someone on the forum).

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