02 June 2017

porch spot

These pictures are weeks behind...
The pretty ferny plant I moved from mailbox spot to area in front of the porch is doing much better.
Lots of pretty blue flowers.
They are leggy and tend to fall over, but fortuitously get propped up by the peony nearby- which I think actually looks nice together.
The flowers kind of unroll when they first start opening- see the little purple tube it makes.
Peony is done blooming. It had a lot more flowers this year. Typically attracted ants. Really I don't like the huge blowsy flowers, which always flop over and face the ground, and get ruined by rain within a day or two. So I cut them when still buds to bring in the house (sweet smell is almost too much)
and prefer the smaller blooms like this one.
Vinca I moved is doing nicely, grown quite a bit.
Mums are starting to come back. I only lost one overwinter.
I put a few marigolds here and they are flowering now, too.
The newer azalea is done. It was called "coral pink" so I was hoping for a kind of peachy color (no image on the tag and I bought it in fall) really they are just pink- only get the creamy look when fading and turning brown...

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Jeane said...

I figured out the plant in the first picture. It's cranesbill.