21 June 2017

new succulents!

A large box came to the house last week, and it wasn't full of rocks like usual. It had plants- a surprise from my husband. So very very dry when I lifted them, but they can take it- these are all desert-area succulents. And completely new to me, so I have to do some reading up on their care.
This one, is very particular: lithops. The plant that imiatates a rock. My youngest calls it "the butt plant".
String-of-pearls: a trailing plant in a hanger. Heard of it before, never seen one in person until now.
This is pink ice plant- some call it miniature jade- and it can grow into a great shrub outside with beautiful pink flowers (but frost would kill it so I need a pot sized to come indoors for the winter).
And my favorite of them is the variegated elephant bush-
the leaves are fat triangles!

I want to repot them all from their travelling containers, but first need to go get some specialized soil- cactus mix- because the stuff I usually use would poison them with richness.

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