11 June 2017

in the tenner

Samblu loves his bugs. My youngest likes to catch moths for him in the house, and he always gets the biggest aphids and smallest leaf-hoppers, that the tetras won't eat. (Katydids I catch outside are too big for him now, so they just get squished). The other day during tank cleaning I went to pick up the feeding ring (wipe a bit of biofilm scum off it regularly) and was surprised to see a blue crescent shape right there just under the surface- Samblu, looking to see if I had an offering.
I found a surprise in this front corner- the crypt I moved in here a while back has sprouted a baby off a runner- to the rear, against the driftwood.
The two different kinds of anubias I have on larger and smaller driftwoods, are grown out enough to look like one clump of plant.
Their roots are reaching together
My little 'buce garden'
'selena', 'emerald green' and I think the last one is another bit of 'blue bell'.
my favorite is still this 'blue bell' on a rock.
I thought I had thinned this windelov fern out well, and plucked off all the babies and older, dying leaves. But every time I do a cleaning and riffle my hand through the plant mass, more baby plantlets pop off. There are two or three floating around the tank right now.
That corner seen from a higher angle
Tank seen from a lower angle (Sam is hiding)

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