02 June 2017

chard and lettuces

Lettuce is pretty much done. The only one I can still eat a bit of it is arugula. Have cut down all but three of the simpson and most of the little ceasar, saving just a few plants of each to set seed for next year.
The day I cut all the lettuces back, I was planning on just making salad, but found that the chard was starting to bolt as well, so I cut some of that to make a quiche before it got too far.
This chard plant is making seed for me.
The younger ones I started in spring are still very small- but if they make it through summer heat should give us some good eating in fall when it cools off again.
My beets are big enough to notice!
One of the last simpson lettuces- next to a cosmos.
Little ceasar lettuce, among cosmos and a few volutneer cantaloupe.

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