13 May 2017

upright plants

In the main aquarium. Yesterday completed the levamisole treatment, so I did the huge water change, down so low I had to shut off the horizontal heater and the filter wouldn't even pull flow (with a fifty percent change I usually just leave it running to trickle, so I don't have to prime again). The fishes all dashed about excitedly, kuhlis very active. During treatment I fed them extra per instructions (so if it's a certain kind of intestinal parasite which gets paralyzed by the meds they poop out the carcasses) and all my healthy kuhlis are positively engorged. Some of the black ones could barely swim, but still try rooting around for food particles in the substrate. They really would eat themselves to death, fishes. The worrisome Sassy at least does not look so thin anymore- head and body in a straight line- but it will probably take her some time to catch up to the others, especially since I feel I have to hold off giving sinking foods as much so the others don't burst themselves!
From the one day of darkness, most of the crypts were standing taller to reach light, which gives the crypt wendtii a very different profile. And here's a serpae tetra.

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