01 May 2017


I made a start on improving the sideyard that is a shady hillside of struggling grass, knobby roots and weeds. I dug up all the biggest hostas from the back and put them in a row against the house. It was quite a lot of work. On a gray, cloudy day. Lots of rain since, and they sit right where our sump spits out the overflow, so I don't have to worry about keeping them watered!
At the bottom of the row are those native lilies I put in last year, doing nicely. Pic from a week ago
now it's looking even nicer.
Joe pye weed 'chocolate' that I moved over here to a spot at the base of a tree last season- it was getting too much sun other side of the house before- is coming back. I'm glad to see that.

We are already missing the bulk of the hostas from the back, though- the bed at the bottom of the lawn looks kind of empty without them. I have some replacements in mind...

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