27 May 2017

mints for tea

Mint plants growing like crazy, now.
I don't use the spearmint nearly as much as I ought to- in fact this year I took a ton of cuttings and stuck them in a jar on the stump by my vegetable garden- read somewhere that the scent of it deters some of the pests. Well, even if it doesn't, makes a lovely scent to enjoy while I'm working.
My favorite is still by far the chocolate mint-
I often make it for morning tea with honey,
to give my poor stevia a break- the usual sweetener for my coffee. But it seems to be doing poorly, now. I'm not sure if it's cold damage because I put it outside too soon (it really likes heat)
or insect caused- I'd hate for it to have the plant virus... but the newer foliage on top seems okay however I need to let it grow out some before use much more.

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