09 May 2017


Cleaning the tank was kind of glum last week. Hornwort was doing great- I had enough trimmings to throw more into the cherry barbs' tenner. But I found a lot more BBA cropping up on leaf margins- on aponogetons crispus and capuronii, on crypts retrospiralis, wendtii and beckettii. Even on some little fronds of bolbitis fern, which I hated having to trim off. Thinking of taking out some of the weird green/brown tall/short crypt, so I can actually see the bolbitis, now that it is growing more. Also found that the leaves of anubias afzelii were specked with tufts of BBA. I took them all off (the plate of tank trimmings was piled high today) and it only has two leaves left. Can't see that plant anymore for the green/brown tall/short crypt in the way, so I moved it to back wall behind some aponos. Maybe it is getting a bit too much light. Irritated that BBA is showing up again so much- does it have something to do with the sudden reduction of fish numbers in here?

Serpaes are getting quicker to come to the surface for food- but funny thing, when I tried to feed them dandelion green again they wouldn't eat it. Not sure if they weren't hungry, or didn't like it because it wasn't as fresh? (kept a few days in the fridge sealed container in damp paper towel) or if it was because I hadn't blanched it as long- basically just dipped in boiling water and then into freezing... Today offered them blanced garden lettuce- this time I boiled it a good two minutes, and minced fine. They ate that. So from now on for greens I will only pick one small leaf at a time, and make sure to dip it in the boiling water long enough.

I was worried about one. Noticed a few days ago one of the older ones had poor color, looked pale and a bit thin. It was hiding and not coming out to eat as much. Also getting picked on by the others. Whether it hides and doesn't eat because it gets chased, or gets harassed because it is unwell and acting differently, I don't know. It is also the fish that has had cloudy eye and popeye. I didn't realize how bulging its eyes were until had the newer trio to compare. Just yesterday the swelling started going down- now one eye looks almost normal. I wasn't really expecting a lot of improvement, so glad for that.

Frustrated- at myself- over the filter again. I went to replace the canister with new part today, since I needed to pull a piece of sponge out for the 20H- one of the smaller, extra pieces stuffed in there. Figured since I was going to empty the canister halfway to get the sponge piece, might as well swap canisters. It wasn't until I had the canister all the way empty and put in the circular grid for the bottom that realized I had the wrong size replacement can. My filter is a 2215, not a 2217! So I put it all back together and called up the company to do a return. Well- good thing the epoxy job I did on that crack is still holding fine.

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