29 May 2017


Finally have got them all
planted out into my mailbox spot. I do think I mis-timed the seedlings this year, the plants are small but already forming buds. Maybe I should pinch their heads off and see if they grow taller before making flowers again?
They share the space with blooming dianthus
small but lovely- I was going to divide it this spring and found it wasn't making offshoots yet so hastily replanted-
and one borage plant, grown huge! I have found that borage doesn't just deter squirrels and chipmunks- the dogs don't seem to like its smell, either. Since I planted the borage, dogs out on walks just pass by my mailbox spot. They don't pause to sniff, pee and scuff around anymore. Fine by me!
The celosia are definitely fertile- I found lots of volunteer seedlings both in this area and through the garden where seed must have carried through in the compost. I dug up some of the bigger ones and replanted them in the deck box
that used to have cilantro
(last batch of it eaten in a salad, before it bolted)
whose stems are still in there- I didn't uproot them. If as I expect, these late-grown celosia volunteers stay small, they might look nice flowering in this box.
They recovered pretty well from the rough transplant.
When I was plucking the volunteers out of the garden, this one almost snuck its way into favor- an opportunistic tree seedling.

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