11 April 2017

some that didn't do well-

Most of my plants did fine with the late winter storms and bit of snow we got. The few that seem to have suffered are
my pathetic rosebush. Although it is growing out new leaves alongside the dead ones now.
Nandina. Both of them the tops seem to have died. This one it's two-thirds of the plant gone dry and brown, the other one is about half. I don't know why. Lower part of the plant still green under the bark, so I am hoping if I cut off the damaged part it may recover, not sure.
Sedums- well, at least half of them. I thought the purplish stonecrop I bought last year had all died, so dug up a few portions of sedum from around the stump and transplanted it into that spot behind lilac bush. Transplanted bits survived the snow, and the others ones came back shortly after. Now I've got a mix- and you can see how different their colors are. Definitely think it's a related plant. I like the green one better so don't mind if it outcompetes the other.

The lysimachia appears to have died. I see no sign of it growing back. Bummer, I did like that plant.

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