12 April 2017

coleus crowd

I potted up my grown cuttings of coleus- they were starting to topple over in the 4" pots. Now in pots twice that size.
The orange/lime duo are looking great.
'Kiwi fern' pretty fantastic too.
Old standby pink one. I have tried to identify this but was staggered by the number of varieties when I found coleus sites online to browse through. So many look the same with pink centers and ruffled edges. No idea of its name. But I like it.
Here's the two rootstock pieces I have left, growing again after being cut back a third time. And there's even more cuttings inside the house, waiting on windowsills for space to open up in the coldhouse. I'm going to have enough to try planting some in the yard this year, not just accent pots on the deck.

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