29 March 2017

the new guys

Satisfied that they are doing well, I wasted no time transferring the serpae tetras into my main tank. Floating.
They look really striking in the planted tank. I am becoming more and more taken with their rich color. Their scales really gleam.
This one is Blank. None of them seem too distressed with the change in scenery- and so far are not bothering my cherry barbs. Sizewise they are just a bit more in length than the barbs, but have so much more height to their bodies they look a lot larger. I am going to keep a close eye- don't want them to bully the smaller fish, eat the plants or the shrimps (although I probably can't help that).
I do plan to get at least two more serpaes soon as I can, so they have a decent school, maybe up to seven. And the lamp-eye tetras will be coming over here in a few days, if all goes well.

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