23 March 2017

little pots

Yesterday I folded a bunch of paper pots, and started moving up some seedlings.
All the nasturtiums, tomatoes and leeks. I need to sow fewer tomatoes- all but one of the seeds came up, and I think it was that way last year too. (I'll keep the nicest two or three of each variety for my garden, and probably craigslist the rest).

I was happy to move all these young plants out into the coldframe house (it's nearly full now) and envisioned putting tomato seedlings out for the day on the deck railing, into the coldhouse just at night (when the other seedlings still in trays come into the house)- because last few days it's been 35° or 40° at night so that's less shuffling in-and-out to do. Except then it got bitter cold around 6pm and I checked the weather- supposed to be in the low twenties! I brought all the plants back in. Sigh.

Today much warmer once again so hopefully they can at least stay outside under shelter.

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