07 February 2017

signs of life

What's green in the yard now- yes I have some greenery from the rhodies, nandina, hellebores and such. These are plants emerging just since the new year turned over, or new-to-me so I still feel really happy seeing them grow:
Sweet pea planting has stayed green all winter. I can't wait to see how they bloom come spring.
Daylilies are emerging for their second year. These ones have much smaller foliage than the old standard wild orange daylilies I used to grow.
The mums are a row of dry stem bunches in my front yard, but a few of them have some greenery down in there- sheltered by mulch.
Rosebush is already growing new shoots.
Biggest surprise was to find arum coming up in half a dozen places. I thought this plant was dead. I guess it just didn't like the end-of-summer heat.
I had moved the rhubarb in next to it, to take advantage of what is now pretty much a full-sun spot. In fact, I probably planted the rhubarb too close- because I thought the arum had all died. But maybe the large rhubarb leaves will shade the arum enough to keep it going longer in the growing season- so I will wait and see before moving this plant.
I find the way the emerging leaves uncurl (like hosta) quite appealing.

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