20 January 2017

tenner details

All the buces in here are looking better than ever!
For the first time ever, I have been able to propagate my bucephalandra 'Selena' via a cutting. It's in the center here, the one with the young pale leaf. The plant on the stone was getting taller, and I noticed long roots coming down from the stem, but there were four or five nice leaves below that- so I thought why not cut it...
Soon I will do the same thing with the taller buce 'blue bell' on this stone- see where the long roots are coming down from the rhizome? there are leaves growing below that, so I can clip it off and replant.
This small creeping one on the log has busted out a bunch of new leaves (top right of image at an awkward angle).
Can see here it isn't actually grabbing onto anything- I'll have to peg that one down.
Fissidens moss is filling in nice thick tufts on top of the log-
And I can just glimpse the anubias afzelii behind the log and skull, here. I hope it grows big enough soon that I can divide it and put more of it back in the main tank!

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