04 January 2017


I've moved a few plants around, in the house. Some of them got temporarily moved out of a room that was having work done (so they didn't get coated in plaster dust) and then I simply liked their new location better, so left them there. My six-year-old avocado plant is now near the fireplace:
This pothos in a soda-bottle SIP is on top of a living room shelf. It gets pretty much ignored, but is doing fairly well after all this time.
And the dracaena marginata is in the basement, near the sliding door. I never yet do right by this plant. I've read it should be treated 'like a dragon in a cave' - low light, infrequent watering. So I placed it where there is only indirect light, in an out-of-the-way room where it won't get my excess attention. I've reduced its watering to once every three weeks. Upper foliage is looking nice and straight, but it is dropping lower leaves that go yellow at a rapid rate. I don't know if it is readjusting and going to recover, or if it is dying.
Even if it did improve and keep growing, it would soon hit the ceiling. And I have not read of people having much success cutting back a dracaena like this to keep it going at shorter height. So not sure if I will keep it once it gets too tall.

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