31 January 2017


Took apart the plastic strips I was trying to grow flame moss on. Trimmed off all the grown-out strands (not many) and undid what I could from adhering to the plastic. Instead I glued it down onto more small stones.
Here's the first two stones I did- the larger one got its first trim, and the small one I added some to the sides.
I rescaped the corner of my tank that has the driftwood piece (post upcoming). While moving some plants, noticed that pieces of the rhizome or root that curve up off the ends of my crypt retrospiralis are growing new shoots!
I've successfully multiplied my anubias and buce plants by cutting pieces of rhizome, so I figured it could work with these too. Also cut one rhizome piece of crypt balansae, and a few small ones of wilisii 'lucens'.

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