20 December 2016

plants died and given away

The tiny 'kiwi' coleus plants on bits of root died. Two cuttings of it still in jar of water were growing new white roots, so I planted those in the now-empty pot.

One of my potted bell pepper plants made a grand blocky pepper, the biggest one I've ever grown and it had nice flavor too. And then the plant went into shock for some reason, looked like it was ready to die. Suddenly wilted. I let it dry out, no good. I watered it a bit more like the others- it never perked up. Droopy for weeks. The other three peppers look decent for their indoor stay, so I decided this one is a goner and cut it down for compost.

I am making a gift of my zygo cactus. It is busting out new flowers every few days now, waxy and frothy looking. But I'm just not fond of white flowers, even though these have a pale pink tint when they start to fade. Rather find me one that blooms pink or red. . . . . .

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