24 December 2016

happy kuhlis

I managed to feed my kuhli loaches well today, even though I haven't been using the fish trap to target feed them in a while (all their scratches have since healed). This morning I soaked some betta micropellets so they would sink, then loaded them into a syringe. Fed the cherry barbs moth larvae, which they can barely choke down so it takes them out of the competition temporarily. Then- while the kuhlis were actively looking for food and the barbs preoccupied- I used the syringe to deposit the soaked micropellets under the log, in the thicket of crypt and val stems where the kuhlis usually search but the barbs feel crowded out. One barb who'd missed a larva went under there, but I could tell the kuhlis got their fair share.

They were very active, cavorting all over the tank, and I could see by bulges in their bellies that they all got some of the micropellets. They looked very happy and full of spunk. I definitely have to try this method more often- at least once a week- until I run out of frozen lavae and must wait for spring.

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