01 December 2016

coleus progress

I'm happy to see that some of my attempts with overwintering coleus look to be successful. Of course, the old standby pink one is doing well as cuttings in the windowsill jar.
The two root pieces I potted up from outside are also doing fine- new leaves growing.

I tried a second time around with cuttings from the lime green/orange one with bigger leaves- just before frost killed the rest of the plant. At first it looked to be doing poorly- last week had tiny root hairs finally emerging but also some fungus. I wiped off the fungus, refreshed the jar with tank wastewater. Now the roots are really taking off!

The 'kiwi' coleus cuttings are also surviving. Old leaves on top still have this unhealthy, waxing or dusty appearance (is it powdery mildew?) but there are tiny young fresh leaves growing far down- actually under the water in the jar. I wonder if I should trim them back severely and let those baby leaves be the dominant ones- maybe then the plant will escape its illness.

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