12 October 2016

sweet potato blooms

Sometime in late august I got a surprise out on my deck railing. My sweet potato plants bloomed. I wasn't expecting this at all. And when I looked up some info about it, found out that sweet potato flowers are something of a rarity. They are pretty, similar to morning glory with faint lavender hues.
They only opened in the early morning. Most of the day the flowers were closed and not noticeable at all.
I have taken cuttings of my sweet potato vine too, just before the weather got cooler. They grew tons of roots, and I just potted them up last week. Here they are twining around a bunch of other plants in my only winter sun spot (indoors).
They don't look super healthy, but I hope I can keep them going long enough to plant more on the deck or a pot on the porch next year. It's curious to me that my indoor sweet potato has deeply notched leaves, whereas the outside one they are an even shape. I am not sure if I bought two different varieties (started w/just two pots from the nursery) or if it has to do with the different growing conditions inside.

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Jeane said...

After finding out that flowering is rare and seeds even more so- because they might generate a new variety of sweet potato vine- I looked carefully through my plant for seed. Only found three. Put them in the fridge. It's a long shot, but I'll try to grow them in spring and see what I get!