26 August 2016

front yard stuff

I am very happy with the succulents around the tree stump in our front yard.
Glad didn't get the stump ground out- the kids like jumping on it.
A few of the celosia growing around it had gotten tall enough they looked out-of-place. I took advantage of a few days of rain (the ground really damp) to dig them up and transplant to the front porch spot. They took really well- only a bit wilted the first day and now recovered. They're here between the peony on the left and pinks of coleus and sunpatients on the right. The taller celosia far right is one that was planted there in spring (coldframe-started, so it had more growth).
View of it from above, on the house side. I'm going to put more peonies here next year, but for now the other plants are starting to fill it out nicely enough.
Nearby is the rhubarb. While it's done okay here because it gets moisture from a drippy faucet, it also gets damaged by people reaching in to connect or use the hose. Once the weather cools off a bit to avoid too much shock, I'm going to move it to the back planted bed, which now gets too much sun to be a shade garden!

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