08 August 2016

basil pesto

I made some yesterday.
Put it in a sauce on this tortellini- there's also a few garden green beans among the vegetables (still never enough for a full dish).

The pesto turned out stronger than I liked- the garlic had quite a bit of bite to it (I think I didn't mince it fine enough) and I used some of the purple thai basil which also has a sharper taste. I also put in the pesto some of the hickory nuts we foraged last year- still have a lot of those. Didn't have time to crack many, so the flavor wasn't noticeable. Tossed some halved cherry tomatoes in the dish too. It was a hit- even the kids liked it!

Enough pesto left I'm going to use it on some mung bean fettuccine tonight. When I make another batch I'll try for milder flavor (more cheese, less garlic, only the sweet basil).

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