17 July 2016

veggie garden

I think the rosemary is thriving! The leaves look much healthier now. Although very small. I'm leaving it well alone. If it makes it through winter (will be heavily mulched) I'd love to have a little rosemary shrub taking up this corner of the garden permanently.
It's kind of overshadowed by the borage stems. That plant I believe more and more, is keeping the rodents out of the garden. I've ground up dried whole spicy peppers and scattered through the other areas- they were left alone for a few weeks but then holes dug yet again.
Only here where there is borage weaving through the carrots
and beets, are the plants left in peace. As the seeds dry in their fuzzy little cups, I've been picking them and scattering through the back of this garden spot and the edges of the others. Let's see if more borage will grow next year. I've read that it self-seeds readily.
Maybe they are keeping bugs away, too- because other side of the garden is doing poorly. Broccoli at least is getting bigger, I'm surprised it's kept going thru the heat.
Green bean plants look sick. Same thing as before.
Other spots, from below they look black. I'm wondering if its some kind of leaf burn from where I accidentally got coffee grounds on them when scattering?

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