26 July 2016

tiny mantis

Preying mantis on leaf of the joe pye weed 'chocolate'.
I tried to get a few pictures of it but the insect was so small.
A few times it jumped on my hand and very quickly off again- it was about half the length of my pinkie finger. Here on the vinca.
Climbing a blade of grass.

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Jeane said...

I do think this is the first mantis I've seen in my yard. I looked back at photos of others I've taken over the years, and they were all from the previous property. I asked my husband and he said he's never seen one here before. I'd like to think that my tending to the yard, adding new plants and shunning pesticides has welcomed the mantids (and lizards, saw another good-sized skink climbing the fence yesterday) but probably they have always been here and we just never saw them before.