16 July 2016

gladys and lilies

The gladiolas are blooming on the side of my house. And they are all falling over. I don't know why I dismiss the idea of staking plants. A plant that can't hold itself up isn't worth the trouble, to me. So- I'm going to cut a bunch for display inside the house.
They sure are gorgeous, though.
My neighbor planted a small veggie garden right next to this spot on the edge of their property- and the gladiolas are falling sideways into their tomatoes and squash.
Near the front of the house, the daylilies are all done blooming and the asiatic lily bulbs I planted near them have finally come up. Big, fat buds on them.
I wasn't really planning on staggering bloom time in this side bed when I put the other lilies in, but it worked out nicely that one is ready to make show just when the other has finished for the year.

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