13 July 2016

from garden to kitchen

Not much coming out of my garden, but what little there is so tasty.
I only get a mere handful of green beans each picking- and some of the plants are getting diseased, it's the same one I always had before- mottled yellowing on the leaves. Augh. Have to diagnose that. I've been squishing japanese beetles ruthlessly- not squeamish about that anymore- and now they appear to have whitefly too...
First cherry tomatoes! Didn't really want to pick them yet because I want enough for my favorite summer-flavor pizza, but I couldn't resist. I got one, and husband got the other. Sweetness and tart, perfect. These plants are still nice and healthy.
A small handful of herbs to enhance some eggs for breakfast. Parsley, green onions/chives and dill. I have so little dill I minced up some of the stems too. (The seed did sprout- I now have more young dill plants and summer savory in that planter box, but not nearly big enough to eat yet).
Here's what else went into the eggs- a dab of mayonnaise and mustard,
a half teaspoon of juice from a pickle jar. Mashed all up together
and put back into the empty halves. Mmm, deviled eggs! I haven't had that fresh, herby flavor in a long time. It did need more dill, though.

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