26 June 2016

pepper and herbs

Since I've potted them up,
and up again into yet bigger containers
this pepper plant on the porch has doubled in size.
The sage isn't growing as quickly.
I think the rosemary cutting I put in the garden might actually make it.
Borage is in full bloom!
All covered in fine hairs. I'm not sure, but maybe it's keeping the chipmunk out of this part of the garden? It's still digging in my other two beds, but not this one (I know its the main culprit, not squirrels- I saw it running away from me under the carrot foliage the day before).
I've saved the best for last- I have a new stevia plant! Bought it at a farmer's market yesterday.
I sowed a bit more seed of summer savory and dill in the planter box a week ago. I think this tiny seedling is a summery savory coming up.

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