30 May 2016

three ferns

I am really glad my backyard ferns seem to be doing fine.
While I set out and cut back my boston fern a month or so too early (way too eager), it is now recovering and growing lots of new fronds. I'll remember to be more patient with it next year.
I still think this bird's nest fern looks too tropical to be a real plant in my house. And I can't figure out where to put it. I had it sitting outside in an empty spot of the front bed but it was getting hit with late afternoon sun and risking damage from kids' play. Then I had it on the sideboard indoors, the lighting was perfect but it was in a corner and I want to admire it. Now I've got it sitting on the hearth. It seems safe enough here, just out of range of foot traffic but a dominant presence in the room for sure. I think it needs a bigger pot but I'm anxious to get the right kind of potting mix so I don't harm it...

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