31 May 2016

porch plants

Nasturtiums and mock strawberry. It's curious to see how differently the varied containers of these have grown.
On my front porch, the nasturtiums in a decorative planter have huge leaves.
Some are now almost the size of my hand.
I'm guessing the soil mix in there was richer than in the ground, or in the box planters on the back railings. It looks impressive now, but if the plants are growing such big leaves I don't think they will make many flowers.
Making the point, the back railing planters already have buds, the front-porch pot has none.
Likewise, I had a number of pots with mock strawberry, and only three of them look nice. The ones I dug up very early spring and had sitting in the coldframe house through snowfalls.
Other plants I dug up and put in pots later in the spring never did so nicely. I wonder if it was the timing. Or something about the soil quality... I ended up not keeping the ones that were looking poorly.

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