01 May 2016

aquarium recovery

I didn't take detailed notes after all, because I wasn't observing fish symptoms closely. Tank looks pretty nice after the three-day blackout. I took the black plastic that had wrapped the tank and used part of it for a new backdrop. Nice contrast.
Most of the plants that had algae issues are a lot cleaner now. Especially crypt wendtii tropica.
Did a 30% water change today and with the water clearer I got a good look at them. They all look fine, I don't notice any 'dusty' appearance- will check with flashlight tonight.

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Jeane said...

Dang. Behavior-wise, the fishes look fine. When I shine flashlight in the dark, I still see gold gleaming specks on three of the males' heads. Is it really velvet? or are they just shiny.