06 March 2016

tenner trim

First time I've had to do a trim on the newer plants in my ten gallon. I'm pleased that it's actually necessary- ludwigia hit the ceiling! but of course it doesn't look as nice now, empty space with everything shorter. These are before and after pics.
Trimmed back ludwigia and replanted tops on both sides.
Water wistera was expanding out of its corner and I do like looking in this view from the short end, so I cut some of the low horizontal stems and replanted behind the main plant. The stems had roots growing down already, that was good.
I like that I can see the bunch of little rotalas behind the skull again, from this angle.
Also moved a few bacopa stems- trying to even it out so bacopa is in a line across the back, and ludwigia in clusters in front of that. But it's a gradual thing because I don't want to take up and rescape all of it. Also tied down a teensy bit of java fern that I found floating loose, and pleased to find an unidentified buce I thought had got lost when it came untethered- stuck in the rotala indica stems. Pleased that some of the moss is starting to cling by itself, and the subwassertang is getting big enough I might trim that next week.
And here is my 'sun thorn' nerite on anubias leaf- with Oliver in the background.

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