04 March 2016

tank update

Finally I am not-so-ashamed of the conditions in my thirty-eight, and took a full tank shot.
Elodea has grown to the water surface- funny, all the stems lean towards the left for some reason. I've trimmed quite a few and replanted the tops to fill out that corner more.
This corner is really filling in nicely. But it's not perfect yet. There's a bit of brown algae on some leaves- buce isabelle and blue bells, crypts and aponos, bacopa and even the vallisneria.
I've realized I want to move a few plants around- I'd rather have this group of bacopa a step back, and the crypt parva just behind the buces in this corner.
Went to pull off a thin, dead-looking leaf from the crypt parva and found I'd pulled off an entire baby plant! So I replanted it front left (just in front of the out-of-place val here)
where I want to resituate the other crypt parva- that one is kind of lost between wendtii and subwassertang- but moving it to front to be visible I'd have to take out that other small wendtii, not sure yet if I want to do that...
I'm very pleased that buce dark godzilla has good color now-
and buce emerald green is sprouting lots of new leaves- hard to see them here with vals waving in the way
Other buces don't look so nice in here- I'm hoping newer foliage will. I've noticed the few watersprite I have floating are starting to look nice, and they're much more attractive than the floating hornwort... Not ready to get rid of hornwort yet, though, so I tethered a few down with pebbles (can see in the wider shots) and considering thinning out the rest of the floaters...

I did the same ferts dose this week, a bit lighter on the liquid micros, and put in root tabs. Was thinking the crypts in pots looked poorly but when I lifted one out- actually considering discarding them- saw it had roots grown out down into the substrate. So I shoved a root tab under the two, see if they can bulk up.

And here's a pic of the lovely vallisneria jungle.

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