08 March 2016

spring weather

I have a few green onions coming up, and some basil. Started leaving the older seedlings- peas, swiss chard, lettuces, broccoli, cilantro- outside overnight in the coldframe house. It's so warm in there today condensation dripping and I had to leave the door open a gap for a few minutes because my camera lens was fogging up.
Shuffling the echinacea, borage, marigolds in for the night and back out in the mornings right now.

More potted plants are taking sun during the day as well- all the echeveria, some smaller jades, geranium, my peppers. The oldest one- I think it's four years old now? - is doing great. Lovely glossy leaves.
This other one from last season, not so good. Recently it had sickly looking leaves with little bumps on them but I couldn't identify the insect pest. I just started picking off the poor foliage, and new leaves grew in healthy-looking, so kept doing that. Surprisingly, this one has given me more peppers overwinter (just enough to cook beans once a week!) than the older, healthier-looking plant. Even though by all appearances it's in terrible condition.
I started two trays of tomato seed- a bit late maybe, but I still have to stagger planting for lack of space- even in the coldframe house. Cherry tomatoes, beefsteak, italian and brandywine heirlooms.

My pots of coleus were getting tall, starting to topple easily. I also had several jars of cuttings taken from these same pots a few weeks ago, growing roots now. Cut the tops off the plants and stuck in the jars for new cuttings, put the cuttings with roots into pots. Now I have so many I'm probably going to move some on CL in a few weeks. They are thriving in the coldframe house (daytime only right now as well).

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