25 February 2016

seedling report

I have three echinacea seedlings. Out of six or eight planted. I'm babying these on the kitchen windowsill because have had such difficulty getting any to transplant size, in the past. The other tray I sowed never germinated- I think that was from my self-saved seed. When I opened the packets noticed the bought seed was nice and plump, my gathered seed was flat. I'm guessing the seed I saved  myself just wasn't viable.
I have three jugs outside now- marigold, echinacea and hosta- but nothing has grown yet. All the other seedlings in trays are going out into the coldframe house during the day, coming in again at night when its colder. One marigold came up again
some of the peas look poorly
and to my surprise the broccoli seedlings look diseased. Did they get it from the soil?
I'm surprised to have so many nice parsley seedlings. These were from seed I saved off my mom's plants six years ago!
A few cilantro
plenty of lettuce

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Jeane said...

One more echinacea seedling! I was just about to throw out the second tray. So a few of my saved seed are good after all.